FounderCorps and StartupVirginia Release Survey on M&A Activity to Accelerate Technology Business Formation in the Greater Washington Region

M&A Survey evaluates technology acquisitions from 2006 through 2011 to provide guidance for accelerating GWR’s economic development.
McLean, Virginia February 8, 2012 -- In support of the recently launched StartupVirginia and StartupDC initiatives to promote and accelerate regional entrepreneurship, FounderCorps, a not-for-profit organization promoting entrepreneurial and economic development in the Greater Washington Region, today released “Merger and Acquisition Trends in Silicon Valley and the Greater Washington Region: 2006 to 2011.” The report evaluates each M&A transaction occurring during the referenced period and identifies its relevant industry and location of acquirer (among other data), in order to identify correlations in activity that could guide business formation activities going forward.
The report was prepared by Jonathan Aberman, Co-Chair of StartupVirginia, President of FounderCorps, and Managing Director of Amplifier Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund operating in the GWR. The report provides significant insight into the frequency of exit transactions for each region, and uses the data to make a number of relevant conclusions: (i) where there is a high concentration of intra market transactions startup formation and growth is accelerated, (ii) Silicon Valley’s technology M&A market is driven by a relatively narrow range of industrial segments, while the GWR’s M&A market is significantly more diverse and (iii) the GWR M&A market has been surprisingly robust, even in comparison to Silicon Valley.
“With the GWR’s concentration of excellence in many market segments that create and use technology on a regular basis and a local industrial base that has many well capitalized companies that will soon need new sources of revenue, our entrepreneurs and business community should be linking up to take advantage of what already exists in the region,” notes Jonathan Aberman, President of FounderCorps. “By building technology startups that are desirable to the GWR’s local established companies, the GWR could rapidly find itself being rewarded for the one market behavior that really drives Silicon Valley: making companies that the community around them wants to own.”
“This report is a call to action to the CEOs of our largest companies in media, software, telecom, finance and our many other established market sectors” added Aberman. “We should be building emerging businesses that solve the technology problems of our business community. The way to grow our regional economic base is to accelerate the prevalence of intra market business exits.”
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