FounderCorps and the Community


With the recent press that we've gotten there have been lots of questions around how we will operate and how to get involved.  As I am sure you can imagine, FC as a bootstrapped organization is finding its way through these issues as we get up and running.  This initial website is a way to get something up and out there quickly. it does not represent what our eventual goal is for a community presence, or a way for us to interact with the broader community.  If you have suggestions for what should be in our plans, please comment on this posting.  We have a subgroup of or members working on that right now.

Others have asked how to join the group.  The criteria for being a member of FounderCorps are broadly that a person as a founding entreprenuer must has accomplished one (or all of), (i) raising outside capitlal, (ii) grown and managed a team and (iii) sold his/her business.  We also are focused on community action and mentorship, so members have to value that.  Individuals that have these atttributes and are interested should contact one or more current members  and we'll take it from there.

How we are going to work with others is very much driven by the role we wish to play in the community. We want to connect the resorces that exist already -- not create a new silo. Therefore, our activities regarding working with the local entrepreneur community will initially occur through partnerships.  We are alredy working with UMD, GWU and Mason, as well as the upcoming startupXLR8R.  Other events and forum for us to provide mentorshp and assistance are in the works.

The FounderCorps experiement is off to a great start. There's lots of enthusiasm among our founding members and the broader community. Stay tuned!